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Eat right and ​get healt​hier

Reach your weight loss goals with Fasting, your in-hand intermittent fasting companion.

Get fasting consultation via chat. Our coach is always available!

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Get the most out of fasting

Great for Weight Loss

Fasting helps you to lose weight quickly and improves your health. You will see first changes in a few weeks by following your personal plan!

Personalized Coach

Your personal Fasting Coach will answer all your questions or issues via chat. 24/7 support will help to really reach long-term results. He will help to overcome all your challenges and difficulties!

Scientifically Proven

The Fasting method works. You lose body fat and live healthier. Countless studies and millions of successful Fasters are proof. Enjoy your success!

Better Skin and Nails

Intermittent fasting improves your metabolism which helps your skin and nails to be healthier. Track statistics in app profile to control your fasting progress.

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What can you get from fasting?

Your weight loss will be more effective in the long run in comparison to a regular diet.

Sticking to intermittent fasting recommendations will contribute to slowing down your aging.

During the process your metabolism will speed up which leads to your health improving.


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Jacob Neelson

“ I just ran into this app not too long ago while looking into other weight loss programs. Honestly, haven’t heard much about intermittent fasting before but decided to give it a shot and it worked! I have lost 15 lbs in less than a month because it not only provides a fasting scheduler but also gives advice from a fitness coach. It’s nice to have someone professional who can guide you all the way through. My body fat slowly but steadily has been melting away. This fasting app has been very effective and convenient for me so far. “